Embrace the Chaos is all about my chaotic life.

Hi! I'm Keisha, and my life is utterly, ridiculously, fantastically chaotic. But it's probably not that much different from tons of other moms. We all have chaos in some area of our lives, and we all need to figure out what we can live with, what we can fix, and what we can let go of. I'm here to talk about that.

I'm a 40-something mother of five. Two are grown and gone, and I'm pushing one more out of the nest very soon. Did I say pushing? I meant eagerly anticipating her departure to college as she embraces the next chapter of her life. Wait. No. I meant pushing. I have two younger kids who will still be at home for awhile yet, giving me weekly, if not daily, heart attacks because despite chronic illnesses, or maybe because of them, they are both wildly crazy in their own ways.

I work full time as a freelance writer. Wait, marketing executive sounds so much fancier, right? It may sound fancier, but as I sit here wearing my pajamas, sipping a glass of iced tea, waiting for the laundry to finish, and adding to my never ending list of deadlines, I can tell you with certainty that freelancer is definitely the better title. I do a lot of marketing for the clients I write for, but it's all wrapped into writing. Writing is breathing, most of the time.

My kitchen is a mess, my office is tucked into a corner of the dining room that we never eat in, and the 66 pound puppy is lodged under my desk where my feet are supposed to be. I live in a small town in rural Colorado, which means that my view is my incredible mountains, but the neighbors rooster usually wakes me up around 5 am. I'm a published author desperately trying to find the time to write more books. If you know of an available sugar daddy or the winning lottery numbers, please hook me up.

I blog often about how my life is chaotic, about how I try to make it less chaotic, and about anything that happens to strike my fancy, including books, television, reviews, current events, and anything that pisses me off or makes me happy. I exist on coffee and sarcasm. I never get enough sleep, and one of these days I will actually find the time to be crafty, or plant that garden, or paint.

Want to say hi?
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